Buying an Old Home? Check the HVAC System


An HVAC system is a cooling and heating system that provides thermal comfort at home.

Aside from checking the structural system, before buying an older home, make sure that the HVAC is working properly to avoid inconvenience.

If unsure what areas to examine, a certified home inspector in New Jersey can help. Here are some things you may need to raise.

  • Furnace
    When home heating is concerned, a furnace must be on top of mind. Ask the home inspector about potential repairs needed in the future to identify and prepare for the costs. Most importantly, ensure that it is up and running. You do not want to call a home inspector when you are already freezing.
  • Air Conditioner
    Does the home have an air conditioning system? If none, how much will it cost you? If there is, you may consider replacing it, especially if it is an old model. They tend to consume more energy translating to higher bills. Home inspection in Ringoes, New Jersey, comes with recommendations. Ask your provider for suggestions regarding air conditioners.
  • Ductwork
    Ventilation takes air from open entries in our home and uses pressure to drive the air inside. Some older homes are not tightly sealed. Thus, you may not need ducts. But, if you do, home inspection services providers can help install the ductwork throughout your home.

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