Everything You Need to Know About Radon

Everything You Need to Know About Radon

Did you know that radon is one of the leading causes of lung cancer next to cigarette smoking? Around 21,000 people die of lung cancer caused by radon in the USA every year. Radon, a natural radioactive gas, is capable of seeping into the cracks in walls and floors. It is odorless and colorless, so it is not easy to identify.

Only professionals can thoroughly check if there is radon in your home. Make sure to get radon testing inspection services to determine whether your family is at risk of radon exposure.

Radon can be found in every US state but may vary in amount depending on the kind of soil and rocks in the area. Radon levels are higher in places closest to the ground like underground mines and basements, in places that are poorly ventilated, tightly sealed, and well-insulated.

Radon is released when soil and radioactive rocks break down. It can cause exposure through gaps in foundations, construction joints, openings near wires or pipes, and cracks in floors or walls. Radon can also be released in small amounts from water that comes from wells and building materials made of natural substances.

Protect your family, and get your house tested for radon today.

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