How Storms Can End up Damaging Your Roof


Many different types of roof damage can occur during a storm. Hail, strong winds, rain, and falling debris are the most typical causes of roof damage during storms.

Wind can cause direct damage to your roof, and debris carried by the wind can also cause additional harm. A hail larger than an inch can penetrate shingles during a hailstorm.

Hail and falling debris can crack shingles, and strong gusts can pull them straight off the roof when it rains a lot, water pools, and might cause or exacerbate problems with leaks that a certified home inspector in New Jersey may encounter when they check houses.

You may need to spend some money on maintenance and repairs throughout your roof’s lifetime. You can receive home inspection services to check whether your roof alone is the problem or if there’s more to fix. 

Afterward, you can keep an eye on your top and fix any damage as soon as you notice it to save more money and prevent more serious issues from arising.

MJG Elite Home Inspections will be there for you when it matters most. We can offer you thorough house inspections of the highest quality, especially when you experience roofing or drainage system issues. 

We want you to feel secure in making educated choices about your real estate needs by providing more services, such as termites inspection, air quality testing, radon testing, and more.

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